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UK’s innovative approach to signage design acknowledged in the USA

We often assume our cousins ‘across the pond’ are ahead of the UK, so it’s great to see a respected US Healthcare professional acknowledging the real benefits achieved with appropriate signage in care settings. This is a great piece written by Bruce Barnet, Managing Principal with Healthcare Products, LLC explaining the importance of signage and […] [Read More..]

Throw and Tell “Ice-breaker” ball

Just before Christmas we introduced this new product to our customers. It’s a small thing that took some effort to develop as we adapted a design to make it relevant for the people we work with. It was, in truth, quite an enjoyable experience and ended up with a group of us actually getting side-tracked […] [Read More..]

Five Products that will Change Peoples Lives

Happy New year! We always start the New Year by looking back over the previous year and analysing what went well and what we want to achieve in 2015. With that in mind, this blog post is all about the 5 products we believe will be big this year. Some of them are ones we […] [Read More..]