Our unique signage is manufactured in 3 different styles and we recommend their use as follows;

12mm Standard design for Care Homes, 5mm Hygenus for hospitals, 1mm self-adhesive for application to glass panels or sliding doors. All designs are suitable for use in a Domicilliary setting. 

More about our signs:

Originally designed in 2006, Find developed the first range of dementia-specific signage to cater for the most common cognitive issues a person with dementia will have to face. The range has developed as its popularity has grown and we have responded to the wealth of feedback we've enjoyed from our clients and our advisors.

Such has been the effectiveness of our approach, Find has spawned a nunber of immitators but no-one manufactures a product that incorporates all the features of the unique Find design, making them the best value products on the market bar none.

There are three options which we recommend are employed as follows;

1. Original Standard range - Designed for typical Care Home settings the signs are 12mm thick making them both robust and tactile. They incorporate secure, hidden fixings and the interchangeable bedroom design has the additional facility to securely incorporate a picture and name within the sign itself.

2. Hygenus range - Designed for Hospitals and area's where infection control is the highest priority. These signs are 5mm thick and made of a solid, completely non-porous material which is resistant to most chemical cleaners and has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial growth properties. Hygenus signs are face fixed for greater security. Bedroom signs incorporate the Vista interchangeable nameplate.

3. Self-adhesive range - Designed for glass and sliding doors and for Domiciliary settings - Only 1mm thick this design inorporates most of the essential design features of Find signage. It is not generally recommended for use in a Hospital or Care Home setting as it will not withstand the wear and tear associated with these environments. It is however, ideally suited to the Domicile as it will adhere to most even surfaces and is a cheaper alternative to the robustness of the Standard and Hygenus versions.  

All Find signs have inherent anti-fungal and anti-bacterial growth qualities.